by Ziad Naccache

Edition of 300 copies
Offset printing on Mohawk Strathmore 148g paper + 300gr cover
Softcover / hand-bound
16.5×22.5cm | 32 pages 

distances-front-2 distances-back-2 distances-open-2

Broken landscapes, closed roads, figures seemingly out of time:  Beirut is on hold. A divided city, a fragmented city, a city where drastic contrasts amplify divisions and partitions. I come close to it sideways, discreetly, to avoid pointless confrontations.

Beirut keeps her distance and I keep mine. I survey her streets, construction sites, abandoned mansions. When the context allows it, I click. Beirut then becomes abstract, textured, painterly. She opens up, but only for a moment, before withdrawing and receding into her density and contradictions.