‘Baalbeck International Festival’ posters edition

Special edition of 13 selected posters from 1968 – 1975
Inkjet printing on Freelife Vellum 120g recycled paper / 50x70cm

This edition of beautifully printed posters from the glorious days of the festival, right before it was interrupted by the 1975 war, features: Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Ella Fitzgerald, Oum Kalthoum, 2 editions of The Lebanese Nights one featuring Fairuz, Wadih el Safi and Nasri Chamseddine, and the other Sabah, Wadih el Safi and Caracalla, Herbert Von Karajan, The Paris Orchestra, Myriam Makeba, Joan Baez, Maurice Béjart, Alvin Ailey and Aragon’s Le Fou d’Elsa.