Plan BEY is an artisan-publisher of artists’ multiples, books and prints. Plan BEY is based in Beirut and consists of a design and production workshop as well as two exhibition and retail spaces.

Plan BEY is not an art gallery. We don’t exhibit or sell unique pieces or originals. Our exhibition and retail spaces feature our own editions and publications developed in our workshop in direct collaboration with Beirut-based artists, and locally produced.

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Plan BEY is a business model, a way of doing. Our collaboration with the artist follows a specific process including a process of selection as part of an editorial line, of design, production and then exhibition and retail.

Plan BEY is also two individuals who put together their dreams and their know-how to create a unique and personalized model: Karma Tohmé (artistic direction, graphic design & production) and Tony Sfeir (editorial direction, exhibition and retail).

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