Marseille – Amman – Beirut

by Rafik Majzoub

Artistbook / Limited edition of 99 copies numbered & signed by the artist
14×19.5cm / 76 pages

Inkjet printing / hardcover / hand-binding

MAB 19 85 25 29 43

Rafik Majzoub completes his trilogy of artist books documenting the period between 2009 and 2013 and the ups and downs of his relationship with the bottle.

His last opus ‘Marseille – Amman – Beirut’ confirms what the first 2 books started, and materializes his moods and the elements that compose his inner world. His powerful charcoal, ink and coffee drawings are stronger than ever, and his play on repetition and subtle variations gives show the uniqueness of his style and the solidity of his artistic process.