The Brown Notebook

by Samir Sayegh
Book design by Karma Tohmé

Limited numbered & signed edition of 25 copies
Printed on Epson Kozo Japanese Thin paper with a 9-colour pigment ink printer
Natural leather cover | Hand-bound | 15 x 21 cm | 36 pages

A very limited edition artist book published in facsimile of one of Samir’s personal notebooks, printed in inkjet on special Japanese Kozo paper and hand-bound with a leather cover and Japanese binding.

brown-book1 brown-book2 brown-book3 brown-book4

In this play on letters and their forms, typical of Samir’s most famous works, the calligrapher works on a very thin Japanese paper, creating beautiful abstract compositions using the repetition and superimposition of a letter or group of letters, in a Japanese bound notebook.

Working together on the project, we found that Japanese Kozo paper and inkjet printing were the best way to preserve this transparency and render the artist’s intent faithfully. The result is a precious hand-bound, leather covered little book.