Ma Baad [Beyond]

Calligraphy by Samir Sayegh
Book design by Karma Tohmé

Edition of 300 copies.
Printed in offset on Fabriano Ingres paper & cover | French fold + Japanese hand-binding | 16.5 x 32 cm | 24 pages.


A book printed in offset in three Pantone colours on special Fabriano Ingres laid finished drawing paper, with Japanese hand binding.

One of the first Arab artists to be driven by a modernist impulse, Samir Sayegh focused throughout his career and exhibitions on letters he pushed to abstraction, in a unique, minimalistic style. Today, he pushes his reflection further and takes an additional step, presenting texts and entire pages in his own illegible characters. “The purpose is liberating calligraphy from the power of religion and the power of language, not to go against any of them, but in the service of Art.”