Ten views from E.D.L.

By Siska

Limited edition of 250 copies
Printed in offset on X-per 120g paper
Hand-bound and manufactured
7.5x14cm | 24p
4 (1) 1-1 2-1 3-1
“Ten Views from E.D.L.” features a selection of 10 still frames from the video work “E.D.L.” in a hot-stamped, hand-bound limited edition publication.

It continues Siska’s reflection on the E.D.L. building as a landmark, which once symbolized the progressiveness of Beirut, and has come to be a witness of its failings, continues.

The “E.D.L.” project started in 2011 with his acclaimed eponymous video work, produced by the Lebanese association for plastic arts, Ashkal Alwan.  In this video, Siska portrays Lebanon’s National Electricity building as an homage to a once modernist project linked to the very construction of Lebanon’s modern state.